Doula is ancient Greek for

"a woman who serves".

Support. Nurture. Educate.

As a doula, I serve individuals during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. I provide individuals and their support system with gentle, continuous, and judgment-free physical, emotional and educational support. My goal is for every client to be informed, prepared and confident in their body and birth... as well as prepared and supported in their postpartum period. 


Benefits of a Birth Doula

Clinical studies show that the support of a doula results in:

  • Reduced use of pain medications

  • Fewer Cesarean births rates

  • Decrease the length of labor

  • Higher breastfeeding rates

  • Higher satisfaction with birth experience

  • Reduced rates of postpartum depression/anxiety


Doulas can:

  • Suggest different positions & techniques to ease pain and encourage labor progression

  • Offer encouragement and affirmations

  • Help you understand what is happening in your body

  • Gather information you need to make informed decisions

  • Facilitate positive & effective communication between you and your care providers

  • Allow your partner to rest

Benefits of a Postpartum Doula

  • Emotional support in the transition into parenthood

  • Encourages/educates on self-care techniques

  • Guidance and support in newborn care

  • Assistance with infant soothing & sleep techniques

  • Support with infant feeding (breast & bottle)

  • Light housework and organization

  • Meal preparation

  • Assist with appointments, errands and outings

  • Screening & support for postpartum depression

  • Partner, sibling and family adjustment and support

  • Support with twins and multiples

  • Provide opportunities for parents to sleep

  • Provide trusted community resources & referrals, as needed

serving the cascade, ada, lowell, Rockford, greater Grand Rapids & West Michigan area