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Kind words from beautiful families.


"The clients we serve become extensions of our families. We are truly dedicated and invested in their care and want them to thrive in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. It's an honor to work with such amazing individuals who trust use to be a part of their journey and for that we are blessed."



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I had never considered using a doula when delivering, but I truly believe now that it is a necessity. We reached out to Carrie just to see what her services encompassed and after hearing her passion we decided to give it a try. This was the best decision my husband and I could have made for the delivery of our first baby. Carrie is the perfect balance of professional and friendly, while bringing a calming presence to the delivery room. She made both my husband and myself feel comfortable, relaxed, and empowered! We actually delivered on a busy night and spent a fair amount of time without a nurse in the room. This may have been scary or intimidating if it was just my husband and me, but with Carrie there she was able to continue working on positioning with me to help further progress the labor. She was also able to answer all of our medical questions and give us extremely helpful advice for delivery as well as time in the hospital post delivery. It was also so special that she could take pictures/video during the delivery because it not only allowed my husband to be right by my side, but also in the pictures with me. And she was able to do this all while still coaching me through pushing! She is an absolute rockstar and I think you would be remiss not to use her!!

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Carrie was absolutely amazing through my whole pregnancy. I was extremely sick and it felt like nothing was going right but she’s was there the whole time with reassurance and really helpful advice. I will definitely be keeping her in mind for my next pregnancy!


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Carrie was an amazing support and advocate. My husband and I delivered our first child during the height of the COVID19 pandemic. Having Carrie to walk along side us as we walked through the unknowns of bringing a new baby into this world and how our birth experience was going to be effected by the virus. Carrie made sure to keep us up to date with hospital policies as they changed almost daily and assured us that no matter what happened, she would support us in any way she could. Though we may not have had the exact birth we were hoping for, Carrie helped to keep us grounded and educated through the entire process. Carrie was a steady encourager and advocate from prenatal to birth and remains available should we reach out even at five months postpartum. We LOVE Carrie!

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"I went back and forth for weeks thinking about adding a doula to my birth team for my TOLAC. Carrie is worth the investment! She is knowledgeable, caring, and radiates calm. The resources she provided prior to delivery helped to prepare me mentally, physically, and emotionally. During my unmedicated labor, when I was completely lost in my own headspace, her reassuring voice broke through with gentle reminders to breathe and relax. Having Carrie there allowed my husband to focus on supporting me physically, and the two of them worked together seamlessly. If you are on the fence about hiring a doula, I encourage you to make the investment. I am beyond grateful for the support Carrie provided."




"Carrie was a part of our birth team for my second son, and she was so incredible! Her knowledge and attitude about natural birth put my husband and me at ease from the first time we met with her. We felt confident, prepared, and peaceful during pregnancy, and once contractions started she was incredibly supportive and helpful, offering guidance over the phone and by text. During the unique situation of birthing during the pandemic, Carrie was professional, supportive, and calm. In the delivery room, her presence was encouraging and empowering, and her tips were effective. I recommend her to anyone seeking a passionate, knowledgeable, professional birth doula."


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"Carrie was able to come to our home and help me labor there up until we left for the hospital, making it the shortest time I've had to spend in labor at the hospital (this was my third birth, previous 2 were without a doula). She answered all of our questions and was amazing at helping me into different positions to relieve pain! She helped my husband feel more at ease and walked him through how to help me during contractions. This was my best labor ever and Carrie was a key factor in that!"





Jessica, Bryan and Amelia.jpg

I struggled with the decision to have a doula, and now looking back on my birth it was the BEST decision my husband and I made to add Carrie to our birth team. In our prenatal meetings, she took the time to listen and explain all the options and pathways a birth could take, helping us create the a birth plan that suited us. I always wanted to have a natural birth without an epidural.

While I was laboring, Carrie kept in contact via text and supported us all day until I decided to go to the hospital. There she set the mood for the most "relaxing" birth- twinkle lights, motivation signs, and constant verbal affirmations (per my approval in birth plan)! She also made sure I was drinking water and eating a little bit for energy- two things I did not want to do but thankful to her for helping me understand the importance of staying hydrated ( side note it hurts more if you are dehyrdated). In my hard contractions she was right there applying counter pressure and heat and reminding me to keep the focus on letting my body do the work and relaxing. It was amazing. My husband was able to stay connected emotionally and be my major support. He is so grateful that Carrie was there to allow him to have this opportunity to work as a team to help me through labor.

When I felt like I couldn't take it anymore and was requesting an epidural, Carrie suggested other options that would allow me to stay in my ideal birth plan--- and it worked! I did it without an epidural! It was a beatiful incredible experience! Carrie made sure we were all set in the hosptial before leaving. She also came 10 days postpartum to the house to talk about first days with baby, how the birth went, and what to expect postpartum.

Carrie is compassionate and a wonderful support. You can tell she really is passionate not just about babies but about MOM and dad too!! My husband and I are grateful to her and highly reccomend Carrie to anyone seeking a doula for their birth! :)


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"Carrie played such an important role in helping our family transition from having 1 child to 2. She was able to help out when we felt overwhelmed and make sure I was taking care of myself. It was absolutely invaluable to have an extra set of (very experienced) hands when we brought home baby #2! I wish I had had her around the first time!"  




"Carrie has been amazing all 3 times I’ve asked for her services (c-section, postpartum 2x). She cares about mothers in such a tender way. She’s a non-judge mental breath of fresh air. No one will regret hiring Carrie! It was so nice to have a woman who asked me about my health, life and how could she serve me to make days a little easier after I gave birth. You won’t regret it!"

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"My husband and I had plenty of family and friends near to help us, but it was so nice to have somebody come in and just seem to intuitively know what we needed to make that day run as smoothly as possible. Carrie was kind & gentle, respectful, extremely helpful in some stressful moments for me and clearly loves what she is doing!"

"The care and compassion that Carrie brought with her each visit will forever be remembered, cannot thank her enough."

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