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Meet The Doulas

We're Carrie and Hannah, a Doula team serving the Grand Rapids and West Michigan area.  We created this partnership because we decided that two Doulas are better than one! Our partnership combines our knowledge & passion for birth and our resources to give clients the best care possible. When you hire us you will be getting a team of heartfelt, professional doulas who deeply care about your birth & postpartum experience. 

Meet Carrie

I believe that a birth experience should be as special and unique as each one of my clients is. As your doula, it’s my mission that you are thoroughly educated and supported to birth YOUR way without fear or prejudice... to trust your intuition, realize your strength, determination, and beauty. It's truly an honor to be selected to walk with you throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey and to be a part of such a special time in your life.


Most would say I’m an extroverted introvert, and a bit of a day-dreamer with a love for nature, days at the lake, music, devotions, good conversation and iced coffee. When I'm not at a birth, my hands and heart are full with my three kiddos, dog and husband.


I'm proud and excited to say that I've been voted a Top Provider in GRKids Best of GR and serve on the the board for the nonprofit group The Maternal Wellness Program! 

- Carrie CD/PCD(DONA), LCCE | Owner


Photo by Randi Armstrong from Sprout & Blossom Birth


Photo by Randi Armstrong from Sprout & Blossom Birth

Meet Hannah

As a DONA certified doula and a Lactation Counselor, Hannah's goal is to provide you with evidence and support that in turn causes you to trust your intuition and birth in a manner that is fit entirely for you–whether that is an unmedicated home birth or a scheduled cesarean birth. Birth is birth, and it is truly remarkable.
Hannah's a bit of an extrovert and gains so much energy being around others and in the community. To recharge, she takes solace cooking and singing in the kitchen AlONE, haha. I love Jesus and believe the church is all around us...but mainly in the woods.

Hannah is the owner of Steady Ground Doula Services and a Certified Lactation Counselor.

- Hannah CD(DONA), CLC, Childbirth Educator

Meet Janyel

A Grand Rapids native (born & raised!), Navy veteran, and momma to the most adorable son. Janyel has been working in the OB/Gyn & midwife field since 2009. She found the desire and passion to educate and support during her own pregnancy and postpartum and completed her DONA birth doula training.
Janyel is a gift to the world! She is always full of energy, endlessly optimistic, and has never met a cup of coffee or French fry she didn't like.

- Janyel (DONA) | Backup Doula


Photo by Randi Armstrong from Sprout & Blossom Birth

Meet Ashley

I'm a West Michigan mom of three {soon to be four} who married her high school sweetheart and runs on chocolate & peanut butter. As a health educator by degree, my desire to support & champion others flourishes every time I hear a birth story. This fascination I have for all things pregnancy, birth & postpartum that led me to become a doula stem from my own experience advocating for my birth wishes and learning to trust my intuition. 

- Ashley, CD(BEST) | Birth & Postpartum Doula


Meet Brianna

As a placenta encapsulation specialist and CBI certified birth/postpartum doula, Brianna brings passion and caring to the field. She strives to make sure she has varied certifications to best help the people she works with. For her, doula-ing is not just a job, it’s a passion. Helping guide the birthing person through the various phases of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum is what she strives to do. 

As a mother herself, Brianna strives to use compassion throughout the journey of parenthood. She is fueled by copious amounts of coffee and awkward humor. 

Brianna provides birth & encapsulation services for Cadillac, Big Rapids, Traverse City, Mount Pleasant, and Fremont!

- Brianna | Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, Birth & Postpartum Doula



I am proud to certified in, support and/or be actively involved in several local and national agencies, organizations and nonprofits that support our birth & motherhood community, families, and the well-being of others.

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