Placenta Preparation

The placenta is the special organ grown through pregnancy to nourish the baby. It is richly infused with nutrients and hormones that give baby life... a powerful lifeline that can give back to you!

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Benefits of placental ingestion may: enhance milk supply, ease symptoms of baby blues and/or postpartum mood disorders, expedite healing time and decrease postpartum bleeding, and increase energy. 

Hormones & Other Nutrients in a placenta include:

  • Oxytocin - helps to relieve pain, enhances bonding, helps uterus contract to non-pregnant state.

  • TSH - boosts energy & helps to recover from stressful events

  • Interferon - stimulates the immune system, protects against infection.

  • Prostaglandins - stimulates involution of the uterus post birth and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

  • Hemoglobin - replenishes iron, which restores energy & prevents anemia, a common postpartum condition.

  • Urokinase - reduces bleeding & enhances wound healing

  • Gamma globin - immune booster to help prevent postpartum infections.

  • CRT (corticotropin-releasing hormone) - reduces stress

Placenta Encapsulation


  • Placenta pick up by Doula from hospital or home.  

  • Select traditional steamed method or raw placenta preparation.

  • The placenta will be rinsed, steamed (optional), sliced, dehydrated, crushed and then encapsulated.

  • Yields 80 -160 capsules (depends on size of placenta)

  • Placenta Capsules to be delivered to your home within 48-72 hours of receiving the placenta.

  • Available to you for questions and follow-up.

**Existing birth clients receive a 10% discount off encapsulation**​

Other Services Offered

  • Placenta Tincture - $25

  • Herbal Salve - $30 (with or without placenta)

  • Postpartum Herbal Mix - $15

  • Flavored Capsules - $10 (Orange | Berry | Strawberry)

  • Tree of Life Print - $35

A $75 non-refundable retainer fee is required at contract signing and applied to your total cost.

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