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7 of The Best Websites for Mom’s and Parents

The internet is jam packed with websites on parenting, mothering, child care, health, nutrition, etc. It’s enough to make your head spin! So, I’ve put together a short list of some of my favorite websites that I both use and recommend for my doula clients. Hope you enjoy!

This website has been a great “go-to” for me! It’s parent-site is the American Academy of Pediatrics, whose focus is the commitment to optimal physical, mental, and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents and young adults. It’s a great source of information for nutrition, sleep, emotional health, immunizations, safety and so much more! Also, it has a prenatal portion for expectant women with sections on “decisions to make” and “delivery and beyond” that each offer lots of information on topics varying from finding a pediatrician, circumcision, bonding, mental health, delivery room procedures and the list goes on.

Most parents are guilt of (myself included), going to “Dr. Google” for information on our children health & well-being… this often leads to a rabbit hole that I wish I’d never gotten into. This is why you should check out Bundoo. Bundoo is a physician-driven resource where expecting and new parents can interact directly with doctors and healthcare experts and get information they can trust. The content information focuses on children 0-4 and they cover just about everything you can think of. I especially appreciate that their information is either written or reviewed by actual doctors, which makes my evidence-based heart smile!

Alpha Mom was started because motherhood isn’t always as instinctual as women believe it to be. It offers non-judgmental support and advice from other moms and parenting professional who try to help women embrace motherhood with confidence. You’ll find useful information on product reviews, crafts, recipes, parenting, pregnancy, etc.

Scary Mommy is my daily source for good (honest!) mommy humor, encouragement and support!!! The founder Jill Smokler stated that ScaryMommy is meant to be “a destination for parents seeking support, camaraderie, information, and, of course, a healthy dose of humor…to be authentic and relatable, where moms, dads, etc can feel like they are part of a virtual community no matter where they might live.” It’s always good for easy & useful articles, punchy parent humor and other fun things. You won’t be disappointed!

This is probably one of my most used sites as a doula for my clients. KellyMom was developed by an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who wanted to provide evidence-based information on breastfeeding and parenting. It’s a great resource for women who are preparing to or currently are breastfeeding and offers great information on milestones, health, nutrition and more!

Technology & media are a part of everyday life now. We can all benefit with a little help in navigating the media choices available to our children today. This website reviews movies, television shows, video games, websites, apps, books and music to help us determine what is appropriate for our children. Common Sense Media’s mission is to empower others by providing unbiased information, trusted advice and innovative tools to help harness the power of media and technology as a positive force in all kids’ lives. Super cool & helpful!

As the name suggests, this website focuses on babies and toddlers up to age three. Its parenting section includes articles on child care, sleep, brain development, behaviors, nutrition, social skills, play and more. Learn all you can about early development and how to be the best parent to our youngest family members.


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